Tree of Life, Leaves of Spring

February 11, 2017

Tree of Life, Leaves of Spring

By now, 2017 is in full swing and we're reveling in the promise of a new year. What better time to celebrate the new growth in our gardens and our creative selves. Let's check out some new ideas from The Cove...

Tree of Life pendants

  • The concept of the "tree of life" is a common symbol in the world's mythologies and religions. It has been integrated into historical texts and artistic pieces for centuries, and remains popular in the 21st century.
  • Course instructor Camille Hammerschmidt leads the Tree of Life pendant workshop and often uses drops or rizo beads in her designs. To shop Island Cove's assortment of rizo Czech beads, check out our eStore.
  • Ready to make your own Tree of Life pendant? Register for the Tree of Life class this month. Not only will you integrate your choice of pretty beads, but you'll improve your wire-working skills during this class.
Tree of Life pendant necklaces

Leaves of Spring

  • Springtime brings new growth, fresh leaves and flower buds to our gardens...and fresh new ideas to our jewelry design projects.
  • Island Cove Beads has stocked up on strands of leaf-shaped beads and flower beads
  • Nancy Phelps' stoneware leaf trays are perfect for serving appetizers or just as elegant home decor accents
green flat leaf pottery
Stoneware leaf trays by Nancy Phelps


Palm Tree Inspired Artwork: many of Island Cove’s artists have incorporated palm tree motifs into their works on display. A few of our current favorites include:

  • Nancy Phelps, an accomplished pottery artist, creates Florida palm tree vases and mugs
  • Jerri Heer's gem trees have been awarded nationally and are on display at The Cove
gem trees
Gemstone Palm Trees by Jerri Heer
green palm vase
Palm Tree Vase by Nancy Phelps

If you’d love to purchase one of these pieces, give a quick call to the shop to check the availability and prices: 727-510-1657.

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