Creativity on the Go, and on the Road

August 09, 2019

Creativity on the Go, and on the Road

Most beaders can relate - we're on a never-ending quest for better ways to organize our bead collections! Plus, we love to take our creativity on the road.

Whether it be a short weekend getaway, a 10-day cruise, or an even longer trip, many of Island Cove's instructors and clients take their jewelry making supplies along with them. Have a look at these six examples of organization for travel-friendly beading.

Ginnie McCarthy

leather bead case

"On several travel occasions while I was working, in hospital, or on vacation, I've taken beading supplies along to work with. I usually limit my projects to bracelets and bring along the most basic supplies: Fireline and cutters, an awl, needles, clasps, small scissors, and enough beads to make at least 4 to 6 designs.

I carry all of my supplies in my leather storage case. It's about the size of a regular hard cover book. All of my supplies easily fit and are organized in the one case.

When on vacation, I'll often do beading at night when back in the hotel room. It helps me to relax, yet also helps me be productive, plus I get a jump on making birthday and holiday gifts. I will try to make one of the items prior to leaving on my trip so I will have it as a reference as I bead in my hotel room."

Michelle Geller

jewelry findings storage case with drawers  craft tote

"My jewelry organizer and tote help me to work on multiple projects at once.  They allows me to bead on the fly because they hold so much. The case was actually a Mother's Day gift - and one of the best I've ever received." 

Colleen Ewart

padded jewelry findings case

"It's always fun to bead with friends so whether I'm traveling to work or Bead Huddle, or going on a trip to visit friends who also enjoy making jewelry, I like to bring my beading supplies. One of my favorite containers is a blue-and-white striped travel jewelry box that I found at the HSN outlet. I love that I can zip it closed so none of the beads will escape. It has a handle and it's big enough to fit a few tools too. I can also sit my bead tray in the top. 

I love having a few supplies with me while on vacation because I see things that I normally wouldn't see and many times that can lead to great inspiration. If I don't make it or draw my ideas right away, they can slip away just as fast as they came!"

Marti Timmons

 beading case on wheels

"I use a professional makeup case on wheels to transport my beads between work and home. Plus I use a bead tray to take unfinished projects on-the-go so that I don't have to completely unpack them when I'm in the middle of a design.

I've also taken Kumihimo projects on plane trips because they are self-contained once you have all the beads loaded on. The Super Snips mini scissors are great to travel with because they're TSA-approved."

Susan Sudnik

mini travel case

 "The Bead Buddy works for me. It is compact and has a secure closure, keeping everything organized in one spot. It allows me to work on my project on-the-go whether I have just a few minutes or can devote an entire afternoon."

Camille Hammerschmidt

findings case

"I love to travel with my jewelry supplies and chain maille projects. When traveling by plane I typically put all my supplies in a checked piece of luggage. Chain maille is really easy because all you need is a few pliers and the bags of metal rings."

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Beadsmith acrylic bead box
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