Rainbow of Tuff Cord colors now in stock

February 11, 2017

Rainbow of Tuff Cord colors now in stock

range of Tuff Cord at Island Cove Beads

What is Tuff Cord?

Tuff Cord is a 3-ply twisted bonded cord made from long nylon filaments. Super strong, it will not stretch or stain, and resists fraying and shredding under most conditions. Ideal for all sorts of projects including bead crochet, micro-macrame, cord making, and kumihimo braiding.

This special thread is spooled without tack, so it comes out without any marks or creases from the spool. Plus, you don’t even need to use a needle with Tuff Cord.

Which Tuff Cord is right for me?

  • Island Cove carries Tuff Cord in the following gorgeous colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Hematite, Navy, Pink, Purple, Rose, Turquoise, White, and Teal (in store only). Shop our collection of jewelry cording in our new eStore.
  • We sell Tuff Cord in 3 sizes.
    • Size #1 (.0108”) is great for micro-macramé projects using pearls, gems and fine crystals.
    • Size #2 (.0132″) is a hard-to-find size which works wonders for laddering Swarovski crystal pearls.
    • Size #3 (.0162”) is popular for micro-macramé and macramé projects and stringing stone, glass, metal and natural beads.

"I love the rainbow of colorful shades that Tuff Cord comes in, and how vibrant some of the colors are. This cord is soft and thin, giving you even more options when choosing beads to use in your designs. You can now make double-passes through beads with smaller holes which you couldn't do with S-lon beading threads." -- Sue Lennon

What type of projects can you use Tuff Cord with? 

  • If you're looking to experiment with the Tuff Cord in a guided class setting at Island Cove, you can sign up for one of these jewelry-making classes:
    • 5 wrap braided bracelet
    • Braid & Tassel necklace
    • Boho beach beaded wrap bracelet or the Beachy Beaded wrap bracelet
    • Kumihimo classes
  • This cord is a good choice to use with the Knotty-do-it-all Board
  • Almost any project or design you've used S-lon cord for in the past, but you wished you could use a smaller bead, you can now instead use Tuff Cord because of its smaller diameter.
tassel necklaces
Braid & Tassel necklace
5-wrap beaded bracelets
5 wrap braided bracelets

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