Greenery and the Spring 2017 colors hit Island Cove Beads

January 18, 2017

Greenery and the Spring 2017 colors hit Island Cove Beads

Just days from the start of a brand new year, Island Cove Beads & Gallery is excited to showcase the new spring color collection inspired by Pantone's 2017 spring-summer palette. Colleen and Sue have interpreted the 10 trending shades and combined them into pretty pairings for your jewelry-designing inspiration.

island paradise lapis blue pantoneIsland Paradise & Lapis Blue

  • Add pieces of aqua or sea green beach glass - Island Cove offers them in smaller beads or larger pendant styles
  • Fresh from the Tucson Gem Show, shop our selection of genuine blue turquoise beads
  • True blue lapis is deeper hue and nice accent to the brighter colors in the spring-summer palette

pink yarrow kale green pantonePink Yarrow & Kale

  • Fancy jasper beads come in mixed strands of olive green, grey, and pink
  • Dagger beads with rose gold polka-dots add a modern twist
  • Select an enameled leaf charm or lamp work glass flower bead in shades of pink and green

greenery pale dogwood pink pantoneGreenery & Pale Dogwood

  • Featured in this pairing are soft pink pearls and shimmery rose-hued Czech glass beads
  • Pick a dramatic center stone, like this one in Rainforest Jasper
  • Nuggets of green peridot add the perfect dash of fresh spring color

primrose yellow flame pantonePrimrose Yellow & Flame

  • Shop the collection of natural shell beads and corals in these hot hues
  • Spiny oyster shell chips are available in bright orange and reds, giving warmth to your designs
  • Island Cove carries yellow mother of pearl beads too, plus yellow jade beads

hazelnut and niagara pantoneHazelnut & Niagara

  • The denim blue shades of kyanite are the perfect interpretation of Niagara in the gemstone world
  • Hazelnut is the 2017 Pantone palette's neutral shade, and can pair with most anything
  • Add a seashell bead or two in your next design for earthy color and boho-chic style

In comparison to 2016's top colors (pastels Serenity and Rose Quartz), the 2017 spring-summer shades are more vibrant and full of energy. Island Cove associate Marti Timmons is inspired by the new 2017 colors, saying: "Primrose Yellow, Flame, and Pink Yarrow are all colors of tropical hibiscus flowers."

Island Cove Co-owner and Instructor Sue Lennon was pleased with the new palette's versatility, remarking, "the colors work really well together, allowing you to make even more color combinations than in years past."

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