Art Deco Era Inspires New Treasure Boxes

October 01, 2018

Art Deco Era Inspires New Treasure Boxes

Art Deco Era Inspires Island Cove's new Collection

The Art Deco Era is heralded as one of the most influential periods for the design of buildings, furniture, jewelry, and fashion. This period of time, from the 1920's and early 1930's, is known for its luxury, craftsmanship, glamour, and often rebellious spirit.

Rapidly changing fashions in clothing brought new styles of jewelry too. Sleeveless dresses called for stacks of bracelets, while shorter hairstyles inspired large decorative earrings. Extremely long strands of pearls, sometimes knotted or adorned with tassels, were a departure from more traditional styles.


Introducing Art Deco Treasure Boxes

Making their debut the night of our Roaring 20s Party on October 20th, Island Cove is releasing a limited supply of Art Deco Treasure Boxes. Inside each themed box are the special touches you need to create an Art Deco inspired piece of jewelry. The contents include: 

  • silver Swarovski crystals
  • 4 rhinestone silver-plated round ball beads (6mm)
  • strand of 100 Swarovski pearls
  • triple ring vintage box clasp
  • European-style clasp with crystals
  • 24 inches of textured bar and cable silver chain
  • 3 sterling silver plated art deco charms
  • 8 inches of CZ cushion cut chain

Island Cove - Art Deco treasure box contents

Below is an example of a glamorous bracelet that Colleen created using the cushion cut CZ chain and one of the vintage-style clasps from the treasure box.

cushion cut CZ bracelet

New Art Deco Charms

To create these unique stampings, we sourced seven dies that are close to a century old. They're made with brass and then plated with sterling silver and given an "antiqued" finish that's exclusive to Island Cove. They'll make great pendants, charms, or earring chandeliers, and are sold in sets of two. Shop deco charms here.

  long decorative drop charms

Colorful Crystal Accoutrements

While diamonds and platinum were all the rage, the ladies of the Roaring 20s loved their colored gemstones too. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and black onyx were often used by jewelry designers to complement the clear diamonds. Island Cove will have an assortment of sparkly drop beads, set rhinestones, and crystal stations with vintage stones, all in limited supply.

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