Tulip needles – size 12 premium beading needle

Tulip – the Queen of Needles, made in Japan, has made it to the shelves at Island Cove. Tulip needles, a premium brand of beading needles, will be offered in sizes 10, 11, and 12. What makes the Tulip brand so special?

Susan Sudnik is a fan of the size 10 Tulip Needle. She says they’re “easier to thread and feel better in your hand” than traditional needles. “They bend, but have memory and spring back to their original shape. All serious beaders use them,” she claims.

Sue Lennon, on the other hand, uses size 12 Tulip needles. She explains, “ordinary needles would bend after multiples passes through a delica bead, but the Tulip 12 recovers nicely.” Sue believes Tulip needles “are a must-have for any detailed beader” and are a great tool for bead embroidery and soutache projects.

The final features of the Tulip needles that makes them so special are its eye and point. The eyes are designed to make threading easy and the tips are ever so slightly rounded. We are proud to sell these special needles at Island Cove.

You’ll receive a pair of 2 Tulip #12 needles.

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