Teardrop Flower Wire Wrap Pendant Kit

This is a delicate, floral-themed wire wrapped pendant. Each sterling silver pendant frame is handmade in our private studio! This project is perfect for the intermediate wire student.

The tools you will need are 1 pair of chain nose pliers, 1 pair of round nose pliers, and a set of cutters. These are also available on our site if you need them- click here!

The Teardrop Flower Wire Wrap Pendant kit includes:
  • Handmade sterling silver frame
  • 18 inches of 24 gauge sterling silver wire
  • 1 sterling silver jump ring
  • Enameled flower charm
  • Gemstone beads
  • Glass Beads
  • Written instructions

There are 4 colors available:

  • Saguaro Blossom includes genuine turquoise and dogtooth amethyst!
  • Flame Lily includes genuine carnelian and hessonite garnet!
  • Morning Glory includes genuine blue opal and lapis lazuli!
  • Pink Plumeria includes genuine pink tourmaline and garnet!

Happy Beading!